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How to Convert PPT to PDF?

All the conversion work is done on this page. Whether your PowerPoint file is stored on a computer or in the cloud, you can easily have access to the file and convert it to PDF here. For the files stored in a computer, click the Upload button. For the files stored in the cloud, click the icon of the cloud tool you use. The tool covers three most popular cloud storage tools: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox.

During the conversion process you will see the progress bar. Conversions usually take place in less than a minute, but for bigger files there might be some conversion delays. The conversion speed also depends on how busy our servers are and what kind of internet connection do you use. You will notice the Download button when the file is converted to PDF. It is free to download the converted file and further use it with any PDF viewer.

Step 1

Upload a PowerPoint file. Both .ppt and pptx are supported.

Step 2

Download a PDF file and view it in a PDF viewer.

We support both versions of PowerPoint

Our tool can convert both types of PPT files to PDF. Whether you have an older version of PowerPoint, or a new one, you can still upload a file and create a PDF from it.

Use Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive with our tool

Cloud storage tools are of great use especially when you are away from your home or work computer. If you have some things to do and your paperwork is on a desktop computer, that might be a problem. In that case, saving files on Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive is a smart idea. With our tool you can access those three cloud storage tools and edit files once they are converted.

Create PDF Files

If you need to send your PowerPoint presentation to someone it is better to convert that PPT to PDF first and then to send it. PDF files preserve the layout and there won’t be any risk of losing data. Other than that, if the receiver has a different operating system, he might see your PowerPoint presentation differently. And that’s why it is better to turn a PPT file to PDF and make sure your presentation is viewed in the right way.